Birthday Week-end

Friday, May 20th I celebrated the beginning of the end of my twenties. Jonas surprised me at dinner Thursday night with two round trip train tickets to Portland. I had anticipated spending most of the day alone working on orders and projects (so apologies to those tees/cardigans/dresses I'm getting out a little late). Thursday night I dyed a couple cardigans, made the June tees of the month, and left the house at 10am Friday morning with Jonas to catch the train.

Even though we spent one of the best days (weather wise) this year inside the train - it was so nice to not have an agenda, relax, and spend time just reading with no feelings of guilt for all of the other things I should be working on. Portland was lovely. Cars drove slowly, lots of people were out on the street enjoying the sunny mild weather, plants were blooming and the architecture of the city was inspiring. After a late breakfast on Saturday and stepping into a few shops, we met up with Christian, Jonas' longtime friend and Portland resident. We hung out at a coffee shop for an hour or so and he led us around on foot showing us areas we wouldn't have visited on our own, with stories about each place. We got our seat assignments at Union Station around 5pm with snacks in our bags for the trip ahead and said goodbye to Christian.

It is always hard returning home, reminded by responsibilities, but it was fun to check out the garden this morning and its progress. After just two days it seemed like the potatoes grew a foot and the little seedlings also looked like they grew.