Potato Planting

This week-end is feeling like spring. The sun has come out, the temperatures are in the high 40s, and people and cats are out enjoying it.  Jonas and I took a walk around the lake at Seward Park this morning but returned oh so cold. It may not be quite spring yet, and I still need to get my seeds started, but here is a start to my spring planting:

The yard

I am loving this potato tower!

These are Organic Seed Yukon Gold potatoes from Territorial Seed Company in Oregon. I planted them in a mixture of different potting soils and fallen leaves and grass mulch from last year. As they grow, I will continue to add soil/organic matter over top until they start to develop into a leafy bush. This is also in a particularly sunny spot in the yard, which the plant is said to like. The leaves soak up the sun and can produce a more sugary/starchy potato.