This Week-End

I worked on new shirt designs Saturday, but ultimately ended up not very happy with what I was seeing. I've recently started working out designs on my computer. It is turning out to be a great tool, but also makes it hard to commit to a single design. I decided to let it rest and have turned to a few paintings in progress, which is my current Sunday project (along with laundry).

Here they are:

I began thinking I would start with a thick black line and fill in white around it - alterning the line. But I ended up liking the color behind and am now at a confusing place.

This is a rather large piece that has been sitting in the basement for a while. It has a similar color scheme to the smaller piece above, so I brought it up. Upon closer inspection, however, has a lot more going than I remembered. I'm thinking about doing some washes and bringing out some of the colors and shapes that are within the larger shapes.

This is somewhat what I had in mind for the first piece - bringing attention to the black line by blocking out the color. I decided to bring this one out and add some thicker black strokes. I'm still not sure what I'll do about the space that is not currently white. I like that it has a background and foreground, but I do want to try out concentrating on the line.