Attempting homemade Pho

Pho has been on our minds a lot lately. It first got there as a thought for Jonas' birthday dinner and has remained because we haven't yet gone to get it. What is holding us back is the fact that there is no certainty it doesn't contain MSG, and most likely does. Another unfortunate quality of this dish is that the beloved sauces usually served with it always (haven't yet found an organic version) contain harmful chemical ingredients.

So finally tonight, we attempted to make it at home. I have a hard time following recipes but THIS is the pho recipe we worked from, and THIS is the Hoisin sauce recipe. Results? It smelled and looked wonderful, but wasn't the same. Not bad, but not great. I think for next time I will add more salt to the broth, use actual vegetable broth, and white vinegar (not red wine vinegar that we had in the house) for the Hoisin.

The broth simmering. We added celery and parnsnips to the broth for more flavor.toppingsfinished bowl!