Nut Trees

Last year, inspired by my consumption of nuts paired with the cost of nuts, I somewhat impulsively spend $100 on 4 nut trees: two Walnut, and two Almond. Knowing that my backyard would not accommodate them, I decided to have them shipped to my parent's 10 acre abode. At the time, they were uncertain whether they were going to stay at that location, so my mom kindly planted them in pots. They (for the most part) survived the spring, summer, fall, and here we are back in the middle of winter the perfect time to plant. My parents are in a more permanent position with their place, so why not get them in the ground?

The varieties:

Manregion Walnut trees are known to grow very quickly and are very winter hardy.

Bounty Almond/Mariana: a semi-dwarf variety that will only grow 10-15 feet tall, good for Pacific Northwest climates.


Though the Almonds are a dwarf variety, it is recommended to plant the walnuts 40 feet apart for permanent spacing. I think we decided on a distance of about 30 here.

One of the Almonds had a little trouble last spring. The main stalk didn't produce any leaves, and a few suckers came up around the base before the graft. It was given a location closest to the pond, not knowing how it would progress....  hopefully well!