new blog - 1st post

drawings & painting today... I haven't quite tackled the 22"x30" large watercolor paper yet. In the past I've just gone at empty canvases with vague ideas about what I hope to accomplish (which works part of the time). This time I'm heading toward the large paper more cautiously.

I am hoping to integrate my paintings/drawings with the clothing I've been working on. Sometimes my paintings are overly crazy while the t-shirts are very simple. I was included in a recent treasury inspired by La Roux's music video "Bulletproof" (created by etsian Polestar I thought I was somewhat hip when it comes to music, but I never heard of her before today. The video has some pretty incredible styling. Very geometric - complex and layered. I am curious about this whole geometric trend. I have included a this element in my drawings before (always a folk art element -- unintentionially and somewhat begrudgingly) but I am going to try and incorporate it more. It really is amazing how complex geometric designs can be even though they are built from straight lines and repetition.