holiday gifting

A few weeks ago I was searching the internet for handmade gift ideas and came across a site oriented toward children with easy cookie and felt creature crafts. Amungst their suggestions was one for handmade ornaments of family members heads, made from handmade play-dough. The link

I kept coming back to the instruction page and decided to take the plunge, only make full body replicas out of my boyfriend's parents and their families. Here are my versions:

from left to right: Casey, Devo, Jana, Davey, & Lulu

Barkley, Janell, & Gary

It was fun to do and went over well by everyone! Made a special personalized gift! With more practice, the little figurines could get more detailed and life-like... I'm now inspired to work more with different bakable clays on the market or to use the same homemade flour, salt, and water version I used here.